August 31st, 2021

Communicating company culture through PR

Posted by Hattie Frisby

Telling the story of your company culture is about sharing the ethos of those working within your business, its personality, and the direction the company is going in.

Communicating this through PR not only increases your brand awareness, but starts to build a reputation around your values, and what it is like to work there.

A good PR plan will balance stories about your commercial wins with ones around company culture too. Dispersing news such as being shortlisted for or winning an award, new company initiatives, and recent hires welcoming members to the team are great ways of showcasing your company culture and demonstrating what you stand for.

Let’s break these down a little, and think about what benefits this PR content could bring to your business…

Winning an award means you’re pretty good at something – ok, the best. You’re a leader in your field for that specific subject, and that’s something to shout about. When putting together the PR story, think about communicating how you got there, how the people within the business have supported your progression, and what winning the award means for future prospects.

People are always at the heart of PR stories, and talking about company initiatives is where you can really delve into your company values. Whether you’ve introduced a new mental health scheme to help your employees, you decide to implement more flexible working to increase everyone’s work-life balance, or have got people together for a team building day, communicating these things to a wider audience outside of your business can showcase your personality and what matters to you most.

Celebrating new hires is a fantastic way of showcasing not only growth (if it’s a new role), but the direction of the business. This can work for both managerial hires – which may have a hook about new strategy – as well as graduate and assistant level where you’re looking for fresh talent to bring new ideas and perspective to the team. These features can also be a real boost to the new starters who will gain a sense of their value.

If you get your communication strategy right around company culture, it is likely many will see you as an aspirational business to work for, which will ultimately help with recruitment further down the line. It is worth noting that creating this reputation is not instant. It will take time to build that awareness, and must be reinforced by the people who work there to maintain the messages.

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