August 4th, 2021

Top five reasons to invest in good property photography

Posted by Hattie Frisby

When it comes to property photography, the quality of the finished product can have a massive impact on all aspects of your sales and marketing. It takes skill to get everything just right, and when you do, the results can be spectacular.

Hiring a professional photographer is essential for creating high quality images. They understand lighting in a way which will make any room pop, and will often work with a stylist to ensure the interiors are set for maximum effect too. 

Make sure to choose a photographer who shoots in line with the feel of your brand. There are so many styles to choose from, from moody and artistic which is great for those cosy cottages, to bright and minimal – which works well for more modern buildings.

Here, we highlight the top five reasons investing in high quality photography can be beneficial for your property business:

1. Set yourself apart from competitors

The property industry is booming, and lots of people are looking to capitalise on the action. If you’re an agent, proving you invest in good photography shows you take pride in your listings, which is an important consideration when vendors are choosing the right agent to market their property with. Whether it’s for open market sale, a private rental, or even holiday accommodation – these people put a lot of trust into you to do a good job.

From a consumer point of view, quality photos allow them to see everything, which helps them to make an informed decision when making transactions. From arranging a viewing of a house, to booking their holidays, people want the photos to be representative of what they will see when they arrive. The better quality they are, the more likely they are to be satisfied, or even become a repeat customer or make a recommendation.

2. Making a good first impression

This is more important than ever with the rise of virtual viewings. When the Covid pandemic struck, online content was the only way people could view property so making that good first impression with photography and video content was everything. This style of viewing is here to stay, as it reduces the amount of time wasted travelling for viewings, and also means its far more accessible for those looking to relocate – something which is happening a lot at the moment as people’s priorities are changing.

3. Inspirational content for marketing

Social media starts with the image. If users are not inspired by the photo you share, then chances are they will scroll past your content altogether. Advertising both online and in print is much the same – so having good shots will help you build your ROI. It will also help you to achieve press coverage, as publications will not feature property with sub-standard photography. Lastly, your website will look more professional and inviting with high quality images, which usually means people will spend longer on the site and clicking through to more pages – always good for SEO.

4. Case studies

Showing evidence of your work is something many people look for when making a considered purchase. Take a property developer which is selling homes that may not be complete yet for the purchaser to view – case studies with plenty of high quality photography can be very useful to give an idea of features and finishes which have been delivered on other projects.

5. Creating perspective

Photography is used for more than just showing what a property looks like, it helps to give a feeling around how people are going to live in it, and evoke emotion. The best photos really help you image yourself in a room, or maybe sat on a balcony with stunning views (perhaps also imagining a glass of wine in hand).

If your property isn’t built yet and photography isn’t an option, investing in high quality lifestyle CGIs can be very effective. There are some brilliant specialists out there now who can make an artist’s impression seen very life-like, it can be hard to tell if it’s real or not!

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