Driving online shop sales for Rosemullion Distillery

Rosemullion Distillery is an independent craft distiller of gin, rum, and seasonal spirits, for which we’ve provided a range of PR services since June 2019.

Following the launch of its webshop in April 2020, the owners asked us to take over managing Facebook and Instagram accounts for the distillery, and run a series of paid social media advertising campaigns.


We were tasked with:

  • Providing a clear content strategy for the distillery’s Facebook and Instagram pages, which had only recently been set up and had very few followers.
  • Creating regular, engaging social media content which aligned with the distillery’s brand values, highlighted the provenance of its products, and drove web sales.
  • Creating paid advertising campaigns with two main objectives; growing Facebook followers, and driving sales on the webshop.

Results in brief

2,914 new visits to the website

Through paid traffic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

1,826 returned website visits from engaged users

Through paid remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook page likes grew from 183 to 1923

An increase of 953%

Organic content

We produced a social media strategy document which outlined the distillery’s key objectives and messaging for its social media channels, as well as how posts should look and feel across the two platforms.

When this was signed off by the distillery’s owners, we created a series of organic content schedules for Facebook and Instagram, which used clear call-to-actions, well-optimised imagery, and on Instagram, effective hashtags.

Organic content has ranged from talking about specific products, local ingredients and award wins, to special offers, competitions, and press coverage highlights. Visit Rosemullion Distillery’s Instagram page to take a look at the content we’ve created so far.

Driving sales

The team had recently launched a new webshop, allowing the distillery’s products to be purchased directly from the distillery, rather than from third-party suppliers.

To drive traffic to the new website and encourage sales, whilst improving SEO for the new site, we set up various traffic and remarketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Traffic campaigns

Targeting a UK-wide audience of Facebook and Instagram users who were broadly interested in gin, rum, and Cornwall, as well as lookalike audiences of existing website users, we set up a series of paid traffic campaigns highlighting relevant products and ad hoc discount codes.

Over a period of six months and with a spend of £482, this generated over 2,914 clicks directly to the webshop.

Remarketing campaigns

To re-engage those who had recently visited the website (either as a result of the above traffic campaigns or by other means), we set up a Facebook pixel on the Rosemullion Distillery website to capture data about its website users.

This allowed us to set up a series of remarketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram, which would show adverts to existing website users and incentivise them to complete their purchase.

Over six months and with a spend of £193, these remarketing campaigns generated 1,826 clicks back to the website from already-engaged audiences.

Growing a Facebook following

Through the effective use of hashtags and well-chosen imagery, the distillery’s Instagram following was growing rapidly, however Facebook needed an extra push.

We set up a series of Facebook page likes campaigns which targeted those with relevant interests to the distillery, for example, Cornwall, gin, rum, and other high-quality spirits brands.

Over six months and with a budget of £140, page likes amongst relevant audiences grew from 183 to 1923, an increase of 953%.

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