Three Cheers for pubs

Creating a family of websites for London pub group Three Cheers Pub Co.

We have worked with the Three Cheers Pub Co since 2013 to create and maintain a group of websites for their nine-strong pub estate, and a separate website for the overarching Three Cheers brand.


The brief

When we were first appointed, the marketing team had already commissioned separate websites for the different pubs, but as they did not follow a set structure or style it was unclear that the pubs were connected.

We were tasked with creating a family of WordPress websites that would complement all of the Three Cheers Pub Co’s London venues. We recommended creating a custom theme using the same structure across all sites, but varying imagery, colour palette and branding to highlight each venue’s individuality.


Scope for the website build

Working closely with the Three Cheers Pub Co’s marketing director, we established a clear scope of work for the website project. This included:

  • Creating a custom theme that could be easily duplicated and rolled out to each of the Three Cheers Pub Co’s London venues, allowing for growth within the business. This would need to be adaptable as it would require additional functionality depending on each pub’s offering.
  • Creating assets for each pub and establishing appropriate colours as a point of difference across sites.
  • Commissioning a photographer to encapsulate the unique character of each pub – including interiors, exteriors, food and lifestyle shots – whilst reflecting the Three Cheers Pub Co’s brand.
  • Arranging hosting for each website, continuing to provide technical support after the build.
  • Offering advice on best practices for ongoing content creation to support SEO.

The process

Site plan

Structuring the content in order of importance, taking into account factors such as user experience and SEO, whilst highlighting the USP of each pub.


Providing a suggested content structure for each page type.

Website design

Ensuring that the visual elements of each site aligned with the overarching Three Cheers Pub Co brand.

Website development

Carrying out development of the site, sending on live links for feedback by the client and additional functionality requests.

Testing and website launch

Thorough testing of each site, carrying out bug fixes before launch.


When each website was live, we continued to offer support to the client by:

  • Populating content and carrying out bug fixes.
  • Carrying out technical updates as required by WordPress or the hosting platform.
  • Delivering training to allow the Three Cheers Pub Co’s marketing team to populate each site.


In line with the brief, we created a custom theme that could be easily replicated when a new Three Cheers Pub Co site was acquired, thus cutting down on the cost of each build for the client, and allowing for a quick turnaround when a new website is required.

By using the same structure, each website reflects the brand’s core values and reiterates the ‘family feel’, which was of key importance to the Three Cheers Pub Co. At the same time, the clever use of photography, branding and colour shows each pub as an exciting, characterful venue in its own right.

Tom Peake, Three Cheers Pub Co.

"Barefoot truly listened to our vision and the calm, intelligent way in which they delivered on the brief meant that our greatest hopes for the project were realised."

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