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The brief

Treleavens ice cream and sorbets are sold directly to catering and hospitality customers; however the previous website was created with the end consumer in mind.

Our initial strategy work identified the need to shift from a consumer-facing website to a trade-focused approach.

The messaging on the existing website was confusing to both the trade and consumers, which ultimately lead to fewer trade enquiries – and resulting revenue – and an influx of unfulfillable requests from the general public.

Our approach

Working closely with the managing director, we created a website that would primarily benefit the trade whilst not alienating the consumer audience.

For trade, we identified three different types of customer (chefs, retail and ice cream parlours) and created content specific to each group, where details about the different types and size of ice cream available to them, a relevant case study, recipe ideas, and details of how to become a stockist, were included.

For consumers, we highlighted the brand’s provenance via pages like ‘our story’, whilst pointing them to a third-party supplier where they could buy the ice cream.

Scope for the website build

We established a clear scope of work for the project. This included:

  • Creating a bespoke theme that could be easily adapted as and when the business required it.
  • Creating content that was clearly trade-focused, signposting key information about becoming a stockist and providing clear points of contact.
  • Addressing consumers by highlighting the Treleavens’ brand story, providing information on where they could purchase or enjoy the ice cream.
  • Commissioning a photographer to encapsulate the provenance of the brand, in addition to trips to other venues  for case study and blog content.
  • Arranging hosting for each website, continuing to provide technical support after the build.
  • Offering advice on best practice for ongoing content creation to support SEO.

The process 

The below steps were followed to carry out the build and launch of the new Treleavens website, alongside the creation of site-wide content.

Site plan

Structuring content in order of importance, taking into account factors such as SEO and user experience, making sure that key information was easily discoverable by busy stockists.


Providing a suggested content structure for each page type.

Website design

Ensuring that the visual elements of the site aligned with the overarching Treleavens brand, based on a logo designed by another agency.

Website development

Carrying out development of the site, sending on live links for feedback by the client and additional functionality requests.

Testing and website launch

Thorough testing of each site, carrying out any bug fixes before launch.


When the website was live, we continued to offer support to the client by:

  • Creating new website content, including recipes, blogs and team profiles.
  • Populating content and carrying out bug fixes.
  • Carrying out technical updates as required by WordPress or the hosting platform.


In line with the brief, we created a custom website that primarily catered for the trade, providing Treleavens’ potential B2B customers with a platform to easily assess the options available to them.

Although not the priority, consumers are also catered for with content surrounding the brand’s provenance, and clear signposting to stockists to support Treleavens’ B2B customers.

Since launch, stockist enquiries have increased dramatically, and there is less confusion about the brand’s B2C offering.

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